Fall is a Great Time to Buy Lake Real Estate!

Most of us have heard the adage “timing is everything” and according to The Property Shop at the Lake owner Tina Stotler, the best time to get a good deal on a lake home is September through November.

Sellers Are Ready To Sell

Just as the change of seasons transforms the green of summer into the golden orange of an autumn, the arrival of crisp fall weather tends to change the real estate landscape as well.

For instance, many sellers find it hard to let go of their beloved lake home during the sunny days of summer. Thus, they tend to hold out for a higher price, but the onset of cooler weather often makes them more willing to compromise.

“Typically, sellers are more motivated to sell to avoid hanging on to the property through the winter and into the next year,” Stotler said. “They tend to be much more receptive to negotiating a lower price once the cold weather hits.”

Buyers Are Ready To Buy

Buyers who spent the summer mulling over the pros and cons of owning a lake home are also more likely to commit as summer comes to an end.

“Moving into the fall, we find that buyers who ‘shopped’ over the summer are more serious to buy before the year end,” Stotler explained. “That way they have their new lake home bought and updates made before the return of boating season in the spring.”

Also, once the season winds down, buyers have more access to viewing properties that are booked with vacation renters and homeowners over the summer season.

An Experienced Realtor Can Help You Get the Best Buy

Regardless of the time of year or the type of lake home you desire, an experienced realtor with an in-depth knowledge of the lake is your best resource for finding the home you want at a budget-friendly price.

“The Lake is so big that you have to ask a lot of questions to determine where a buyer will be happiest,” Stotler said. “As real estate professionals we know the Lake; the properties, locations and areas that hold value better, along with condo HOA fees and steering buyers through the dock permit.”

About Tina Stotler and The Property Shop at the Lake

With more than a decade of real estate success to her credit, Stotler is deeply familiar with the hurdles of buying lake real estate and she works hard to help clients find the perfect home at a price they can afford.

“This gorgeous lake is one-of-a-kind, in my opinion; there is something for everyone,” Stotler concluded. “For me, moving to the Lake to become a full-time resident was a childhood dream; being a part of helping others fulfill their dreams and make Lake memories is exciting and extremely rewarding.”

And with the bargains to be found this time of the year, there is no time like the present to make your lake dreams a reality.

Find Your Lake Home Today!

Contact Tina Stotler by email at tstotler@gmail.com or call 573-480-7760. And check our Our Listings page to begin your search for the Lake home of your dreams.

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